Why New Home Inspection in Melton is necessary?

A new home inspection in Melton protect you from many problems down the time

There are as good chances of finding building defects in new construction in a new property as in an aged one.  Some of the problems in the house may not give your problem immediately but may cause you trouble after a few years. 

Also, covering the defects and issues is common practice in the building industry, and your need an expert building inspector to identify these defects. The stage-by-stage inspection identifies each defect in the property and gives you the opportunity to get it fixed before it is too late. The inspection ensures that construction is in compliance with the National Construction Code and design plan.

The common defects found in a new home inspection are as follow:

Frame Overhand: The timber frame supports the whole house and it is often found that frame members are supported adequately due to slab issues or poor design. These issues need immediate rectification.

In-complaint Diagonal Bracing: The diagonal bracing is paramount and is there to make the timber frame strong and long-lasting especially the ones at angles and load-bearing parts.  It is found that braces are installed at wrong angles, missing, the wrong type, overcut, or not fastened property.

Membrane Issue: The plastic covering or membrane installed for the waterproofing under the slab must be on the entire area of the slab and extend up the sides. These are minor details but if compromised may lead to high chances of water ingress and dampness.

Incomplete Nailing: The incomplete nailing of important parts of the houses is a common problem in new construction due to shortcuts taken by the trade-persons. As mentioned earlier that there are a number of parts that make the timber structure of the house strong and lost lasting. Each of these parts needs particular types of nails in specific numbers. Any slack in nailing the different parts of the structure may jeopardize the whole structure.

Damage by Trade-persons: Once the frame structure is installed, the work of Electricians, Plumbers, Ducted Vacuum installers and Solar panel installers, etc starts. The issue is that the frame is complete and inspector but these trades need to install plenty of items. During the installation of these items, they compromise the structure by damaging, over penetrating, cutting, or removing the parts of the structures.

Exterior Lining Issues: The types of exterior lining and finishing have specific requirements for the installations. These installation requirements must be adhered to along with Australian standards. The trades do not always understand the requirement and apply substandard installation techniques. These substandard installations may cause problems in some time.

Poor Finish: When you build a new home, you want to new home. Not the one with dents, blemished paint, and other incomplete work. The painting work must be completed in all the areas of the house and should meet the minimum standards. The overpainting, poor finish, thin finish, marks, poor preparation should not be there. Similarly, problems with tiling are also common such as inconsistent grout, damaged tiles, marked tiles, discolored grouts, tile lippage, chipped tiles, and lose tiles. The lights and another fitting must be completely and properly installed in every part of the building.

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